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Who Uses CrampFix

CrampFix is used by Professional & Recreational athletes.

Professional Teams Currently Using CrampFix:
  • Indian Cricket Team
  • Edinburgh Rugby Union
  • Scotland National Rugby Team
  • GB Track Sprint Cycling Team
  • UK Taekwondo
  • Sale Rugby Union
  • Newcastle Jets A League
  • Highlanders Rugby Union
  • Gold Coast Titans, NRL
  • Cronulla Sharks, NRL
  • Parramatta Eels, NRL
  • GWS Giants AFL, Womens AFL & Netball
  • Sydney Swans AFL
  • Western Force Rugby Union Club
  • Leinster Rugby, Dublin
  • Tweed Coast Raiders, Rugby League Club
  • UK Netball


Nick Lumley, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Edinburgh Rugby

It’s common in field sports that some players are going to cramp when exposed to higher loads and we have looked into different solutions in the past to deal with this.

We have tried pickle juice and other solutions with limited results. CrampFix has solved all of our problems in this area, we have had 4 or 5 instances of players going into severe cramp in early season and a 20ml shot of CrampFix has alleviated all the symptoms almost instantaneously.

We’ve started using the product proactively pre game and at half time with high risk players and they have got through high loaded games with lots of contacts without any cramps.

I’ve never seen a product have this kind of effect on cramp before. Some of my players now refuse to play without taking a CrampFix at half time such is their belief in its benefit.

Anything that keeps your best players on the field is worth it and CrampFix has been invaluable to us at times this season.”



Zac Langdon, Giants AFL Player

“CrampFix is actually making a huge difference” –

“I started experiencing cramps when I was about 14-15 years old. Since then I had tried multiple things such as magnesium, salts and was constantly told I must not be hydrated enough. I tried for years and made a conscious effort to drink water and hydrolytes but still struggled with cramps. Cramps generally affect me late in game mostly in the last quarter and CrampFix is actually making a huge difference. I take it as soon as I feel a cramp coming on or get fatigued and it seems to postpone/get rid of the cramping all together”. – Zac Langdon (GIANTS AFL Player) 

Ash Hunter – Triathlete

The First Time using CrampFix

Ever since starting triathlon in 2015 I’ve experienced muscle cramps in almost every race, usually on the run and was finding I’d start to cramp on the bike in a half Ironman too.

While walking through the Cairns Ironman Expo in 2017, I came across CrampFix and asked how their product works, what athletes have used it before and what have the athletes said about it. After having a chat to Jan and Michelle, the owners, I decided to buy a couple of bottles. I don’t usually like to try new things on race day but thought I’d just have it there as an “in case of emergency” situation.

I carried a bottle in my bento box on the bike and put the other one in my back race suit pocket when I got into Transition 2 for the run. I ended up having a mouthful on the bike around the 60km mark when I could feel the very start of a muscle cramp going on. The cramps stayed at bay until 12km on the run when I could feel another one about to start so I had another mouthful and the cramps disappeared again.

CrampFix saved my race …

…and I ended up with a 15 minute personal best time over the Ironman 70.3 distance and 3rd in the Female 25-29 Age Group.

I always keep a CrampFix sachet or bottle on me for training and racing now and haven’t looked back.”

Serena Guthrie, UK Netbal

“CrampFix really works for me and has become key in stopping my cramp issues. It’s a great product!”
England Netball player Serena Guthrie (C/WD) discovered CrampFix while playing for the GWS Giants in Suncorp Super Netball in Australia in 2017.

Serena is now an Ambassador for CrampFix and regular user to help keep her muscle cramps under control.

Cristian Homoc -Marathon Runner

A Story for the Skeptics! – 


I wish to share my story with all the skeptics out there, as I was a skeptic myself.

I recently participated in the 2017 Melbourne Marathon. On the day when I went to pick up the race pack, I saw the CrampFix stand. I had never heard of CrampFix before and honestly, I thought it was just another gimmicky product. I listened to what the the guy had to say about it and left.

Something prompted me to google CrampFix and I read the reviews from previous users. That made me decide that paying $10.00 for a bottle, was like buying an insurance policy. You hope that you never need to use it. As it was a reasonable amount, I bought a bottle.

On the race day, I put the bottle in my belt pocket, thinking that if I was to need to use it, it would be after the 30km mark.
I had a great start and everything appeared to go my way. Except that at about the 3km mark, I started cramping in my right calf (which I had never cramped in before!). I got seriously concerned and slowed down, worrying that I would not be able to finish the race. As I was running more slowly, I managed to put up with the discomfort until about the 12km mark. At that point I used approximately half of the content of the CrampFix bottle, not holding great hopes. It took longer for the effect to take place, than the 30-60 seconds mentioned during the description of the product, a couple of days earlier, but to my surprise, after 1-2km it started working. By the time I passed the 15km point, I was not bothered by the discomfort in the right calf, anymore.
I continued the race and took another sip for good measure, at the 30km mark. The rest, which was about 10ml, I took at about the 37km mark.

I managed to complete the race slightly outside of my goal of under 4.5 hours, but I believe that CrampFix made the difference between completing and not completing the event. This was my first Marathon (at age 53) and without CrampFix, the event could have been a disappointing experience.

Now, I am thinking that for next year’s Melbourne Marathon, I will buy two bottles. I will use some CrampFix before the race (as suggested on the information card), as a preventative measure and I will keep one bottle with me during the race.

Thanks guys.”

Cristian Homoc

John Dixon – Triathlete

“Hi Crampfix, I just completed my 28th Noosa Triathlon, every year for the past 15 years I have had calf cramps when starting the 10k run leg, I bought a bottle of Crampfix at the Noosa Expo the day before the event, During the event I took a swig of Crampfix as soon as I got off the bike, I had no problems with my calf muscles the entire run leg, thanks Crampfix.

Geoff Russell – Trail Runner

“Used Crampfix on the weekend at the Rainbow Beach Trail marathon as instructed and was very happy with the results. Cramped slightly at the 32k mark and took some Crampfix and didn’t have any further cramps till the end. After the race while sitting recovering both legs cramped so took another dose and cramps immediately disappeared. Drove home 2.5hrs in a manual car shortly after that and no cramp problems at all when in past I have often had to pull over. Thanks so much guys. Next challenge is Surf Coast Century in September.”

Jim – Ironman Oz 2017

“On lap 3 of the Ironman run I was using another product and it wasn’t working!!!! I chucked it to the #crampfix rep and he gave me a bottle of CrampFix® instantly I thought this is going to be a big mistake “don’t ever try something new in a race” but to my amazement the minute I had it problem solved!!!! I came home strong in the last lap to a pb!!! Thanks to CrampFix!!!

John – Ironman Oz 2017

“Same race and enabled me to complete the 70.3. Great product.

Jimmy – Ironman Oz 2017

“I was in the exact same boat! Leaving T2 I honestly thought my race was over. CrampFix® saved me and allowed me to get through it.  No doubt I took more than the recommended dosage but it worked a treat!

Ed – Ironman 70.3, Cairns 2017

Cairns 70.3. I had the worst cramp in my hammie and quad. This sorted it right out. Saved my race and I got a 30min course pb. Product flavour isn’t exactly to my taste but it’s awesome. Thank you!!

Lucas – Ironman 70.3, Cairns 2017

Had some in Cairns on 70.3 coming out of transition. Was fine rest of race. Was given a bottle of the stuff but wasn’t needing it, so gave it to a fella who was in all sorts. Hope he finished ok!

Melissa Griffith, Marathon Runner

“I had this little bottle with me for #GCAM17 and while I didn’t need it (thankfully) I gave a shot to 2 runners in distress and both were back on their way instantly! Amazing! #powerup 

Brendan Cochrane – Ironman

“Hey Guys .. just wanted to say a huge thank you .. I am a huge suffer of cramp – I have tried everything.. you Crampfix is fantastic.. you might remember me from the weekend .. I came past Your booth purchased a bottle and said yes we will see how it goes (the truth- I thought I just wasted another 10 bucks on a cramp product that most likely won’t work ) none the less I added to my run belt just in case .. never try something new on race day is the general rule… anyway came of the bike and the cramps had turned up about 30km to go .. I knew the run would be hell .. off the bike into T2 and I was stuck sitting on the ground both legs locked stiff .. I managed to get my runners on and I limped out on to the run thinking this is going to be a long day .. I ran up the track and stopped at your aid station .. you gave me 2 shots out of a cup separated by some water .. that was it 300 m later I was running – then came lap 2 and we did the same thing.. not my most perfect race but .. without you guys I would not have finished … thanks heaps .. I am your new best friend! Regards Brendan”

Brett Wessels, Ironman

“Hi guys.
I completed the Cairns 70.3 last weekend and just wanted to say thanks and give you some feedback on your awesome product. I’ve suffered from cramping in races in the past and it was the one thing I was worried about in the lead up to this race. But after seeing your product I grabbed some to try in the race and I can honestly say that it works really well. There were times during the race I could feel cramps coming on but CrampFix took that feeling away. Not 1 cramp throughout or after the race – amazing product that I’ll continue to use. Thanks

Chris, Marathon Runner

“I wanted to thank you for being at the GC marathon last weekend. It was great to discuss your product at the expo.

I have completed 9 marathons, 8 of which I have cramped somewhere late in the race. Much to my pleasure I completed marathon #9 with no cramps. I had a bottle of cramp fix before the start and again at the 38km mark and it is the first time I have not cramped over 42.2km! I’ll be ordering again soon!

Mark Cartwright, Marathon Runner

“Amazing, it really works, you guys saved my race #GCAM17″

Nick North, Ironman

You guys definitely saved my race at Port Macquarie Ironman, I was destroyed after swimming and riding my heart out and I was absolutely struggling on the run from the heat and cramps and I was smashing your stuff down and it got me to the finish line when I wanted to pull out after 5k. So thank you!”

Team Users

GWS Giants AFL Team – High Performance Coach, David Joyce’s comments:

“The CrampFix arrived today. Thanks once again for this. It’s making a big difference”

GWS Giants AFL Team Player – Nathan Wilson #16

“Hi, I’m Nathan Wilson from the GIANTS. I’ve suffered from muscle cramping since I was 13 years old. For many years cramping has been a real problem for me affecting my calves and groins, sometimes making it difficult to perform my best in games. For the past three years I have been using CrampFix before the game or at half time to help me prevent and deal with cramps. As a professional athlete, I like products that are easy to use and effective…”

“… CrampFix does the job so I can get on with focusing on what I need to do in a game and not worrying that cramping will affect me.”

Cronulla Sharks Rugby League Football Club – Conditioning Coach & Performance Operation, Mark Noakes.

“… it works amazingly with no players that use it suffering any cramps”

Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union Team – Head of Athletic Performance, Bryce Cavanagh

“… it has been working really well on the few cases we can draw direct conclusions from. Can we get our hands on another 150 bottles please”

Western Force, Rugby Union Team – Head of Athletic Performance, Charlie Higgins

We were the first team to use the product. They now use the product prior to every match. They have seen a significant decrease in players cramping.

Tweed Coast Raiders Rugby League Club – President, Josh Sattler

“IT WORKS!!!! I tried it last night as we put the boys through their paces with a beep test and acceleration drills, the sweat was pouring out of them. … It’s a big thumbs up from me and the trainer would like to have some on hand at all times. “

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