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I Was Genuinely Amazed At The Results! No Cramps!

Simone Brick, Salomon/Suunto Run Team recently wrote to us:


I just wanted to message to say thank you so much for creating this product, and

I am loving the new sachets that make it easy to carry for races.

I am an endurance runner that is relatively new to the sport and have just recently started competing in Mountain Running. My first event was the Warburton Trail Fest in Victoria, which was 22k with 1300m of elevation gain and loss.

There were two points in the race where I was on the verge of cramping so badly (calves on the way up, quads on the way down) and normally would have, but tried your product for the first time and was genuinely amazed at the results in not only in stopping cramping but also improving my overall alertness.

That day I managed to secure a win by 10 minutes and a spot on the Salomon/Suunto Australian running team, and CrampFix was definitely part of that!.

In my most recent event two weeks ago, I ran the Australian Mountain Running Championships and again used CrampFix to stop my calves from cramping, and again managed to secure a win and Automatic selection to compete for Australia at the World Mountain Running Championships in September.

For sure CrampFix will now be part of my regular racing and training routine for Ultra Trail Aus and World Mountains! 🙂

Thank you so much again, the results of us athletes wouldn’t be possible with awesome products such as yours. If you are ever looking for brand ambassadors or the like, I would love the opportunity to help build up awareness of the product in the running/endurance community.

Keep being awesome 😀
Simone Brick

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