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CrampFix®’s proprietary formula has been created to contain just the right blend of astringency, pH and mineral content to provide rapid relief. Unlike some cramp management products, CrampFix® is a no-mix, liquid formula that provides an almost immediate effect to get rid of cramps that most commonly appear during endurance activities.


Cramps most commonly occur during an endurance activity because muscles become fatigued. That combined with exercising in the heat, loss of sodium when sweating, carbohydrate depletion and other factors, means that cramps are bound to happen. Unfortunately, when athletes are racing there is not much that they can do when a cramp strikes. CrampFix® treats the overactive nerves that are causing the muscles to cramp and will provide almost instant relief.


We know that consuming a product with ease and without hassle is a priority whilst racing, so CrampFix® has made that our priority. Our 50ml Bottle has 3-5 servings and is made from a soft plastic that is easy to squeeze into the mouth and has a flip-top lid so it can be reused and accessed again easily. The size of our 20ml Single Serve Shots makes it easy to fit into pockets, wetsuits, and bento boxes, and can even be taken into the water because of its waterproof seal. It has an easy to open tear for athletes that don’t have time to stop.


Before training or a race, drink 10-20ml of CrampFix to prevent cramps. Drink another 15-20ml shot at the first signs of cramping for rapid relief and to help keep you on track. Athletes can top up with another shot of CrampFix 40 minutes after the previous shot. Drink 10ml after exercise to prevent post cramps and assist with short term recovery.


CrampFix is being used by triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists, and trail runners all over the world! Our product helps athletes get over the line and achieve their goals.

Ash Hunter uses CrampFix

“I carried a bottle in my bento box on the bike and put the other one in my back race suit pocket when I got into Transition 2 for the run. I ended up having a mouthful on the bike around the 60km mark when I could feel the very start of a muscle cramp going on. The cramps stayed at bay until 12km on the run when I could feel another one about to start so I had another mouthful and the cramps disappeared again…. CRAMPFIX SAVED MY RACE and I ended up with a 15 minute personal best time over the Ironman 70.3 distance and 3rd in the Female 25-29 Age Group.”



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