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How It Works

How does CrampFix® work?


CrampFix® treats muscle cramps through the neuro-muscular system.

Instead of treating the cramping muscle itself as most commonly done, CrampFix® treats the OVERACTIVE NERVES that are causing the muscles to cramp.

CrampFix® works rapidly when cramps strike and also helps to prevent cramps.

Within 30 seconds to 2 minutes after drinking a shot of CrampFix® the muscle cramps are safely and rapidly released.

CrampFix® helps you TAKE CONTROL of muscle cramps. Rapidly.


Muscle fatigue combined with overactive NERVE signals cause muscles to CRAMP


Drinking CrampFix® stimulates the sensory nerves in the throat.


A signal is sent through the spinal cord to inhibit the overactive nerve signals.


The overactive nerve signals going from the nerves to the cramping muscle are INTERRUPTED.



It’s A Breakthrough In Treating Muscle Cramps!

CrampFix® is a new formulated supplementary food specially developed to help high performing athletes achieve their performance goals.

CrampFix® offers FAST, RELIABLE & EFFECTIVE Cramp Management.

Ideal for any athlete and currently being used with success by professional AFL, Rugby Union, NRL, Ironman & Cyclists.

Perfect for triathletes, marathon runners, ironman, kayakers cyclists, rugby, basketball, soccer, hockey, weight lifters, cross fit, surfers, tennis, basically anybody who cramps from strenuous exercise.

Also works for outdoor workers, gardeners, builders and people suffering night cramps.


CrampFix® contains all natural ingredients including vinegar, salt, sugar, water, natural lemon flavour, magnesium, potassium, calcium.

This proprietary formula has just the right blend of astringency, pH and mineral content to provide rapid relief.

  • A concentrated proprietary blend, only small doses are required.
  • Ideal for athletes or anyone following strict nutrition plans.
  • Three flavours Lemon, Raspberry, Espresso
  • Small single serve sachets OR Fliptop Bottles
  • Oral Spray for non exercise related cramps
  • Made in Australia to HACCP quality standards
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Banned substance tested for athletes assurance
  • All Natural

How to use CrampFix®

CrampFix® is easy to use!

Simply drink, spray or if preferred, just swirl around the inside of your mouth and discard. It’s safe to swallow but not necessary to work!

WARNING – the taste is VERY strong! We’ve tried to make it as pleasant as possible without compromising the effectiveness of the formula. You do get used to it with frequent use.

One bottle of CrampFix® contains 50ml – equivalent to 3-5 serves. (You don’t need to drink the whole bottle at once!! Usually one bottle is enough for one endurance event)

USE BEFORE EXERCISE – to Prevent Cramps

Drink 1 x 20ml QuickFix SHOT or 10-20ml, 5-10 minutes BEFORE exercise.

USE DURING EXERCISE – to keep you on track!


USE AFTER EXERCISE – to assist your recovery

CrampFix® may assist short term recovery and longer term performance goals.

Drink 10ml AFTER exercise to prevent post exercise cramps.

Please note:

  • Maximum daily intake 100ml (5 x QuickFix SHOTS or 2 x 50ml Bottles)
  • Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision, in conjunction with a nutritious diet & intensive physical training program.
  • Should be used only as directed to avoid gastrointestinal upset.
  • Is not a sole source of nutrition; and
  • Is not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women.
  • Formulated supplementary sports food
  • High carbohydrate supplement

Wondering what causes muscle cramps?

There are many contributing factors and unfortunately, many athletes tend to suffer cramps over and over again.

Is it hydration?

Is it genes?

Is it strength and conditioning?

Well, no one really knows!

That’s why we recommend carrying a Crampfix Shot or bottle every time your race or have a long training session – just in case you need rapid relief!


Water, vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium chloride, natural flavour.

The Espresso versions contain coffee.



CrampFix QuickFix SHOTS, 20mL

One Serve = 20mL = Entire Sachet

CrampFix Multi-Serve BOTTLES, 50mL 

One Serve = 15mL = Approx One Third of one 50ml Bottle

Ave. Quantity  Per 15mL serve        Per 20mL Serve          Per 100mL
Energy                    143kJ (17.1 Cal)            95.6kJ (23 cal)                478kJ (114 Cal)
Protein                     Less than 1g                Less than 1g                    Less than 1g
Fat Total                  Less than 1g                Less than 1g                    Less than 1g
Fat Saturated          Less than 1g                Less than 1g                    Less than 1g
Carbohydrate         4.21g                              5.62g                                28.1g
Sugar                       4.15g                               5.5g                                  27.7g
Sodium                    278.25                           556.5mg                           1855mg
Potassium               0.77mg                          1.02mg                             5.1mg
Calcium                   0.66mg                         0.88mg                            4.4mg
Magnesium            0.46mg                          0.62mg                             3.1mg

Caffeine*                 5.25mg                          7.0mg                               35mg

*Espresso Version ONLY. Lemon & Raspberry are CAFFEINE FREE.

Three great flavours to choose from – Lemon, Raspberry, Espresso (Incl 7mg Caffeine)