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A CrampFix Shot Was An Instant Solution!

Jess Barnes at Wellington Marathon June 2019

” I always have a CrampFix Shot up my sleeves in long races and it paid off in Wellington last Sunday!

At about the 30km mark my hips and lower back were starting to cramp up and I was starting to feel sick. So I smashed back a Raspberry CrampFix Shot which was instantly the solution to my cramp and even settled my stomach to get me through the rest of the race”

CrampFix is an all natural drink shot that activates sensory nerves in the mouth to bring the overactive nerve signals under control and relieve the muscle cramp.

It’s gluten free, vegan and tested for banned substances.

Available in single serve shot sachets and multi serve flip top bottles.

Convenient and easy to carry. Fits into your pocket. No mixing or measuring required!

Comes in three flavours Lemon, Raspberry and Espresso with 7mg caffeine.

Buy in selected stores, physios and online.

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